More interesting information about the ‘Schildercamer’ and related activities.

de Schildercamer

The name ‘de Schildercamer’ dates back to the 17th century. It is a room, usually facing north, where the painter and his pupils worked and he also sold his paintings and those of others.

This now is what I have done all my life. Hence the choice of this name.

Wouter Janssen

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Money Paintings

Money paintings typically refer to artworks that incorporate images or representations of money as their primary subject matter. These paintings explore themes related to romantic.

I incorporate actual currency, such as banknotes, coins, or financial symbols, into my artwork and create stylized representations of money

Gyula Karpati

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Sensitive handling of colors and a very distinct painting technique distinguishes Burbarnik’s work from that of most other artists.

He shows us the inner beauty of simple objects and shows us the gradual side of nature.

Wouter Janssen

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